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Pigeons are not the beautiful song birds you want to attract to your Ahwatukee home or business with lovely flowers and stone bird baths. They are like flying rats that poop on everything and create a disgusting mess around your property. Once they have decided that your property is a good place to scavenge, they will become quite a nuisance. They can dive at you and your pets, block pathways, and leave feathers and other detritus everywhere. And not only is their feces disgusting, but it’s unsanitary and can spread disease.

If you have pigeons on your Ahwatukee property, you need the pigeon pest control professionals at Varsity Termite and Pest Control. We use pigeon control methods that not only get rid of any birds currently hanging around your property, but that also make the property less attractive for any new birds. We can help you get rid of these disgusting pests and make your property clean and inviting once again.

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Pigeon Control in Ahwatukee

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons In Ahwatukee?

Pigeons are attracted to the ledges and nooks outside of a building, which is where they build their nests. They can go for long periods without food and water, so simply limiting their access won’t be enough to get rid of them. Instead, our professionals focusing on limiting their access to these nesting spots through the use of barrier netting. They may also trap and remove the pigeons to encourage them to nest elsewhere. Other pigeon control methods include sterilizing the birds that are trapped or putting down electric shock tracks where the birds want to nest. Our professionals will examine the situation and determine the best course of action for the most effective results.

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You should never try to remove pigeons from your property yourself. Not only can you fall from a great height and seriously injure yourself, but you also risk being pecked and scratched by the birds or catching an infectious disease from them, such as salmonella or meningitis. Our professionals are trained and experienced in all pigeon control methods, so they can handle your problem quickly and safely. They are also licensed, which shows you that they have met professional standards for pest control in Ahwatukee. You can trust the work that our pest control experts perform.

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Pigeon Control Experts Near Me

Pigeon Control For Your Arizona Home

You may find plenty of pest control companies near your home in Ahwatukee, but you won’t find any that have the exceptional reputation and record of success that Varsity Termite and Pest Control has. Our pest control experts have studied the very best methods for pigeon pest control to determine what tools and techniques will get the best results most quickly. You can trust that when you work with our pest control experts, your pigeon problem will be solved once and for all. You will be able to reclaim your property and walk through your own space safely and comfortably again.

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Why Hire The Pigeon Control from Varsity Termite and Pest Control

Your home is your safe place. It is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. It will be neither safe nor comfortable if you are dodging pigeons every time you walk out the door and are having to contend with pigeon feces everywhere. Hire the pest control experts at Varsity Termite and Pest Control to make your home the welcoming oasis that it once was again. You don’t have to accept the way things are – you can take control and take back your property from burdensome pests.

The professionals at Varsity Termite and Pest Control are trained in the latest pigeon control methods, and they have years of experience that help them know what will get the best results in each situation. They are also licensed and have a solid reputation throughout Ahwatukee and the surrounding area for professional service and reliable results. Call us today to find out for yourself why we are known as one of the top pest control companies in Ahwatukee. Schedule an inspection or talk to a professional about our pest control services, including pigeon control.

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