Hiring a reliable AZ pest control technician is one of the best things you can do to protect your home. The right technician will develop an effective plan for keeping pests out of your home – pests that can damage your home or threaten the health of your family.
But you can’t just trust any pest control company that you find on Google. You need to do your research to find a company that people trust. You also need to interview a few providers to find one that will meet your needs and give you results at a good price. Here are five things you need to ask the Chandler pest control technicians you interview:

5 Things to Ask Your Pest Control Technician

Are You Licensed?

Licensing shows that a San Tan pest control technician has received the proper education or training and has a certain amount of experience. Having a license also shows that the person is committed to meeting professional standards and that they will get continuing education.
Make sure you ask any technician you are considering hiring whether they have a license. But don’t just take their word for it! If they say they have a license, ask for proof. Ask to see a copy of it, and check with the state licensing agency to make sure that the license is current.

Are You Insured?

A professional is going to take the proper care to protect your property. You shouldn’t have to worry about accidental damage to your property, nor should you have to worry about pests coming back and causing more damage. Yet accidents do happen, and mistakes can be made. Any Mesa pest control company you hire should have the proper insurance to cover you in case of a problem.
Make sure you ask any technician you hire if they have insurance, and then ask to see proof of said insurance and to find out the details of what’s covered.

What Pests are Covered?

You may elect to get a quarterly pest service that protects your home from a wide variety of pests. And you may assume that it covers everything, from ants to termites to pigeons. But you shouldn’t make this assumption. Not all “general purpose” pest services cover every pest that might be a problem for your home. Termites, scorpions, and rodents, for example, are often treated specially and require specific treatment.
Make sure you ask what pests are covered before you sign up for a plan. Don’t make any assumptions about the treatment you are getting, or you will be leaving your home vulnerable to infestation.

What is Included with the Contract?

A lot can go unnoticed in the fine print. You need to know for certain what is in your contract before you sign it. Find out exactly what areas will be treated, what solutions will be used, what pests will be targeted, and so on. Find out how many times the technician will come back for follow-up treatment. Know every charge that you will pay, and every service that will be provided. If you have questions about anything, ask.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Any service technician that is committed to providing quality service and getting you results will offer a guarantee on their work. That’s because they know that if they do the job properly the first time, there shouldn’t be any problem, and the best technicians are those who are committed to doing the job properly the first time. Ask any pest control technician you are considering hiring whether they offer a guarantee. Proceed with caution if they don’t.

By thoroughly interviewing and researching Arizona pest control services in your area, you’ll find the right technician to care for your property and protect it from pests. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that your home is structurally sound and your family is safe from the dangers that pests pose.

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