Termites can be devastating for a home, while flying ants are nothing more than a nuisance. However, when you see those winged insects flying around, you might automatically assume that both are termites. It’s important that you know the difference so you know when you need to take action to protect your home, including calling a Desert Ridge termite and pest control company.

Here’s how you can spot the difference between flying ants and termites:

Differences between Flying Ants and Termites


Termites and flying ants look very similar. However, there are some subtle differences that will help you distinguish them. Termites have a short and straight body that is black or brown, and they have straight antennae. Their wings are long and uniform in length. When you see a group of termites together, in what is known as “swarming,” you should see that all their wings look the same.

Flying ants have a cinched waist, rather than a straight body. They can be black or brown like termites, or they can be reddish in color. Their antennae are bent, not straight. Ants also have two sets of wings that are different lengths. The wings closer to their head are longer than the lower wings.

Behavior and Habitat

You may get confused by termites and flying ants because they both live in large colonies together. However, knowing where and how they live can help you distinguish between the two.

Termites often living in decaying trees or stumps, piles of wood debris, or a wooden structure, such as a kid’s playset or a house. Flying ants can take up residence in wood, as well, but they don’t tend to eat the wood. They often eat plants, other insects, and food scraps. Therefore, their wooden residence should remain structurally sound, rather than show signs of decay.

Life Cycle

Unfortunately, termites live much longer than flying ants, which makes them an even bigger problem for a longer period. Termites can live for two years, while their queens can live for many decades. In contract, flying ants will usually only live for a few months, while their queens will live about two years.
Both termites and flying ants will develop wings to fly away and form new colonies.

Pest Control for Flying Ants and Termites

It can be difficult to distinguish between termites and flying ants, even when you have the right information on your side. If you see winged insects that you think might be termites, it’s better to be safe and call a pest control company in Desert Ridge to schedule an inspection. You don’t want to misidentify termites as flying ants and then pay the price for that mistake when you discover extensive damage to your home in a few weeks or a few months.

Other signs that you might have termites on your hands included the discarded wings of swarming termites on your window sills or around your windows, as well as mud tubes around your foundation, which termites use to travel from the ground into your home. If you see these signs, you can be confident that you know you have termites, and you should call a pest control company to inspect your home.

If you just have flying ants, you can minimize the problem by removing damp and rotting wood around your home. You can ask your pest control technician to spray the area with pesticides to get rid of them and keep them away. If you have termites, you will need more extensive intervention. Your Desert Ridge pest control technician will inspect your home to determine the extent of the infestation and the damage, and will then present you with your options for removing the termites and protecting your home against future infestation.

Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control today if you think you have termites – or even if you have flying ants that have become a nuisance. Our experienced professionals will determine what kind of pest you have on your hands and the extent of the problem. They will then present you with the best options for removing those pests and making sure they don’t threaten your home again. Our professionals can treat for a large variety of other pests that might plague your Phoenix home, including roaches, rats, and scorpions. Call us today to talk with a pest control technician about your concerns.

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