Bugs In Your Basement: How To Deal With Them & Prevent An Infestation

Basements are neglected spaces in homes. They are typically dark, damp, and cold. These conditions attract pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, spiders, and other insects.

While some bugs indicate a potential issue, others reduce infestations. You can help yourself by facing the creepy crawlies head-on and getting them out of your house by understanding why they’ve gravitated toward your basement and by reading some suggestions for getting rid of them.

Before calling Glendale pest services, let’s see why bugs and other insects love going to basements and how you can keep them away.

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Why Do Insects Love Basements?

Like many other pests and rodents, bugs are drawn to cool, dark, and wet environments with a consistent food source. Most basements are ideal for this! The moist, cold environment gives bugs a place to hide and probably an unending supply of other bugs to eat.

Even if you don’t see any bugs, they’re almost certainly present. There’s a strong chance you won’t see any bugs because most of them run and hide as soon as the light turns on. However, if you see spiders hanging out, that is a sure sign that you have bugs in your basement.

Remember that spiders will create webs anywhere they can find a consistent source of food.

Before checking the best ways to get rid of insects, let’s disclose below why darkness, moisture, and warmth are the perfect attractions for many bugs.

Basements’ Ease Of Access For Bugs

Let’s begin with the obvious: basements are located underground. This makes it much more accessible to crawling and digging insects than the other areas at home.

According to a trusted Gilbert pest control technician, cracks in the foundation or flooring, gaps in the insulation, and openings around ground-level windows present excellent options for bugs to live.

Darkness Helps Bugs To Move Around Freely

Being timid is a strategy for bugs to survive. They rely on hiding spots to protect themselves from predators and other pests with which they compete for food and mate opportunities. Most pests will take every precaution to prevent being exposed in the open, especially while mating or laying eggs.

Basements’ inherent darkness makes it easier for bugs to move around freely in search of food and mates. Another perk is that basements are typically among the least-used areas of a house.

Pests Like The Moist Produced In The Basement

Pests are living organisms just like everyone else, and they all need water to survive. Although they don’t need much, bugs and rodents still need to locate food. The basement tends to produce more moisture than other portions of the house, and it’s not as visible as those areas. Typically, it’s chilly and gloomy. All of this results in a rise in humidity.

Bugs Seek Warmth Places During Wintertime

While it’s true that most bugs get into the basement because they love cool environments, they cannot stand extreme winter cold. Like other living creatures, bugs can die when it’s freezing outside. This implies that they seek warmth as if their lives depended on it. Pests will discover any heat leaks inside your house.

A Queen Creek pest control technician usually spots these insects faster than most homeowners, so be sure to contact one if you think you have a pest at home.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs & Insects At The Basement

Here are some helpful tips for controlling a basement bug infestation:

  • Keep the floors in your basement clean.
  • It would be a good idea to deep clean the carpeted area of your basement regularly if necessary.
  • Make sure the basement is dry and humidity-free. For this, frequently keep an eye out for any basement pipe leaks.
  • Make sure there isn’t any clutter in your basement.
  • Keep the firewood outside.
  • Keep cardboard and paper clutter out of your basement.

To prevent a pest infestation, do your best to maintain your basement in good condition. We still advise you to contact a pest control company to ensure your house is bug-free in the basement. Regular inspections are crucial to ensure you are not overlooking an infestation that only experts can find.

Should I Contact A Phoenix Pest Control Company?

It’s always best to contact the experts when dealing with a bug infestation. Even if you see only a few insects at home, you should still contact a pest company to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Feel free to contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control if you want to guarantee your house is completely bug-free. We have a well-prepared team ready to check your house and use high-quality tools and methods to get rid of ant infestation. Contact us today to request a quote!

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