Know What Kind Of Pest Infestation Is Around The Wood In Your Home

You might see pests around the wood in your home and automatically assume that they are termites. After all, termites are most often the culprit when there are wood-eating pests in your home. However, there are other pests that can eat wood in your home, including carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and carpenter bees, and they can all cause damage to your home, as well. It is important that you work with an experienced pest control technician in Mesa to identify what type of pest you are dealing with and how to treat them.

Here are a few signs that will help your Chandler pest control technician identify the pests in your home:

Know What Kind Of Pest Infestation Is Around The Wood In Your Home In Chandler, AZ


Termites have a distinctive look. They are usually white or light brown (or some gradation between), and are about a half-inch long or smaller. They have a straight waist and wings that are equal in length. They also have straight antennas. There will also be some variation in appearance for worker and swarmer termites, the latter of which would have wings.

Termites like to live in warm areas, like Phoenix, and they are common throughout the metro area. Subterranean termites are common here, and they move through the ground and use mud tunnels above ground. Formosan and drywood termites can also be found in Phoenix. Formosan termites are yellowish-brown and have wings. Drywood termites are pale brown usually and can have clear or smoky gray wings.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are most frequently confused for termites, even when homeowners see them directly. However, on closer inspection, the differences can be noted. Carpenter ants have tapered waists, not straight waists like termites. They are usually larger than termites also, and their rear wings are shorter than their front wings, rather than having equally sized wings like termites. Carpenter ants are also usually darker than termites.

One of the most important differences between carpenter ants and termites is that carpenter ants don’t eat wood. However, they do cause damage to wood by tunneling in the wood and making their nests in it. You’ll still need a Phoenix pest control plan for them to protect your home.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles don’t get the same attention that termites can do, even though they can cause the same kind of damage that termites can. They burrow through wood and eat it, turning it into powder. That behavior is what makes them easier to spot – you’ll notice small holes in the wood and a powdery material around the area.

You aren’t likely to see powderpost beetles yourself since they burrow in the wood. If you were to catch a rare glimpse, you’d see that they are reddish brown or black, they have slim bodies and a downward-hanging head, and they are up to ¾ inch in length. They don’t look like termites, but they are often mistaken for these pests just because of the damage they cause and the fact that they are rarely seen.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees don’t cause the severity of damage that termites and powderroot beetles do, but they can still cause damage. Typically, female carpenter bees will lay eggs in the wood, and that will create a new population of bees in that space that will eventually lead to a variety of holes in the wood, causing damage and eventually undermining the structural integrity if left untreated.

Carpenter bees mostly look like bumble bees. However, they have smooth and shiny abdomens instead of hairy and yellow middles. They are black or brown and have no yellow markings.

Contact An Experienced Pest Control Professional In Chandler

You don’t have to know which of these pests you are dealing with for sure. You can call the pest control experts at Varsity Termite and Pest Control to get an inspection and evaluation. A pest control technician from our team can find and identify whatever pests may be lurking in your home and then present you with affordable termite and pest control solutions. We offer comprehensive termite and pest control in Mesa, including treatments to remove current infestations and preventive treatments. Contact us in Mesa today to schedule a consultation and inspection with a pest control technician and take measures to protect your home.

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