Imagine that you are packing you child up in the car and ready to take them to their first day of kindergarten. Your kid is ready to go, excited to make new friends and start his twelve years of learning. You go to pick him up from school and it was a success. But there’s something wrong. He keeps scratching incessantly at his scalp and complaining of an itch that will seemingly never be satisfied. Your worst fears have come to fruition. Lice. In the pest control industry, back to school time is one the busiest times of the year. An increase in lice, bedbugs, and other parasites in Arizona are often seen parading from child to child and spreading their vile nature to every household. To prepare for the next back to school season, here are some common pests that make untimely appearances.

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Lice are the most common of the school dwelling insects, and they are ectoparasites of humans. This means that they spend their lifetime living on the skin of human beings and live by feeding off of our blood, which is disgusting. There are common outbreaks at schools because lice can travel easily from child to child during play time, common contact, and even sharing things like brushes, hats, and bedding. Even though head lice can be difficult to diagnose without a doctor present, the most common side effect is the rampant itchiness of the scalp. When your child starts uncontrollably scratching at their head, something is amiss.

You may be wondering, what exactly are lice? Well, lice are tiny, six-legged insects. They can’t fly or jump, but when they crawl, it’s rapid and quick. Female lice are the worse. They lay small eggs called nits close to the scalp to keep them warm until they hatch. Most likely, you will see the nits close to the scalp more often than you will see the adult lice in the hair. Luckily, lice are not harmful. They do not spread disease, but they are extremely annoying to get rid of, and it is very time consuming. No one wants to pick through their child’s hair, trying to get rid of every trace of the lice. It’s quite horrible.

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So what should you do if your child has lice? There are many ways to get rid of them, all methods extensive and painstakingly long. The first thing you should do is to check the rest of the household. See a doctor to make sure that no one else has lice and you can begin the at-home process of killing the little devils. All of the products you need can be purchased in the store and over the counter, so there are no prescriptions necessary. You don’t really need help from a Queen Creek pest control company. For a shampoo, you can use LiceMD, which will coat your hair in Dimethicone, which makes your hair slick and smooth so it’s easier to comb through and remove the lice and nits. In addition to this chemical, you will also need a special comb that is specifically designed to target the lice and nits. Another product that is sometimes recommended by dermatologists is Rid. This many not work, however, as a pesticide resistance has been built up and it is no longer considered to be as effective as it once was. When you are treating the lice case, you should always follow the directions on whatever product you decide to use. This will ensure that you get every single one off your child’s scalp.

If you still feel as though lice are infecting your home, the next step you should take is to launder all of your child’s bedding and anywhere that they spend a lot of time. This means couch cushions, pillows, sheets, stuffed animals, and anything else that is washable. Strip everything down and wash it with extremely hot water to make sure the lice die. Then, toss everything into the dryer and make sure it’s at the hottest setting to finish them off. Once all of that is taken care of, vacuum the whole house and empty the canister or bag outside as soon as possible. Being thorough is the only way to ensure a clean, lice free home.

varsity pest control exterminator Bed bugs are another unpopular pest that like to make appearances during the beginning of the school year. These little monsters travel from person to person quite easily and having an infestation is one step short of a nightmare. If you have a bed bug infestation, contact your pest control service to take care of it.

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