Scorpion hide in flower beds in Chandler
Our clients often think they are either dealing with one pest or another. In fact, many pest infestations are connected to each other. How? Simple, one pest may very well be the food source for another.

Connection between Different Types of Infestation

Think about this example- you have an infestation of termites in your shed. Scorpions feed on termites and therefore it is only a matter of time before you attract scorpions.

And once you have scorpions in Chandler in your garden shed, it’s only a matter of time before they will enter your home. Stay vigilant and be on the look-out for possible pest infestations. If you spot or suspect that pest have made your home, theirs as well, contact your Chandler pest control expert as soon as possible. Many offer a free initial home pest inspection, which makes for a great starting point and the development of a custom tailored pest control plan that is suited to meet your needs.

While you are in the process of keeping those nasty critters from your shed and your home, you should also make sure to try and avoid getting them in your garden.

Having scorpions in your grass outside is dangerous in itself, but furthermore it is also a precursor to getting them in the home. By keeping the scorpion population in check, you can prevent yourself from needing pest control indoors. The easier you plan a scorpion intervention the better are the odds of it being successful.

Ways of Dealing with Infestations

One way of exercising efficient pest control is to get pest control outside and they can kill off unwanted populations. Having regular Chandler pest control visits is a good way to keep the numbers down and prevent them from infesting in the local structures. Your pest control tech will be able to tell you how often you need service and also educate you in measures you can take yourself to keep pests successfully at bay.

In between visits, you should continue to look out for signs of infestation and respond accordingly. Some places to look for nests are in flower beds, piles of mulch, under wood chips, in garages and sheds, and anywhere with boxes and other shelters.

If you have any questions or worry about pest infestations in your Chandler home and yard, contact the experts at Varsity today.

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