Check these areas but be careful in doing so to avoid getting stung.

Ridding your home of scorpions and keeping them away is a very involved process. Don’t think that you can keep scorpions out just by sealing your home.
Effective Scorpion Sealing in Gilbert

While you might be able to keep out your average thief, scorpions are far more cunning and persistent intruders. They are fantastic climbers, for instance, and can scale brick and wood easily. At the same time they can flatten their body almost completely, which enables them to squeeze under flat objects, through cracks and crevices and more. Which also means, your closed door may very well not be enough to prevent them from getting through and the warm refuge of your home will provide a constant allure.

While we generally advise against a DIY approach for scorpion control, there are some methods you can use to decrease the odds of a scorpion infestation even before your Gilbert pest control company gets there.

Scorpions are extremely hard to keep out of your home, once they have discovered the beneficial living conditions. However, you may be able to poison them and keep them away that way until we have assisted you in setting up a customized scorpion control maintenance plan.

One effective way to kill scorpions is with something called ‘deltamethrin granules’. To get the maximum effect of this sprinkle it around the outside of your home at least quarterly, for the best effect. For other, equally efficient and easily available methods of scorpion control connect with your Gilbert scorpion exterminator to ensure that you are not worsening the problem.

Sealing points of entry, such as door frames, windows and other areas is a great way to prevent scorpions from entering your home. Only your scorpion control tech is in the know which areas and vents can be safely sealed and which cannot in order to allow for proper airflow in and out of your home.

Another great DIY tactic to eliminate scorpions from your property is by reducing hiding spots and some of their favorite habitats. These include, but are not limited to:

  • brushes
  • wood piles
  • cardboard boxes
  • garage clutter
  • and more

If you are dealing with scorpions, contact the scorpion removal professionals with Varsity. Contact us today to learn more about our variety of pest control services.

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