San Tan Valley Scorpion under UV light
Even with the strategies listed in this blog series, and even if you have regular pest control, it is still not uncommon to find the occasional lone scorpions that are somehow getting inside the home.

While generally speaking, you are more likely to find sickly or weak scorpions out in the open, healthy ones, are experts in hiding and you probably won’t know for a while that they are there. Until one night, you put your foot in your slipper and get stung, or you find one under the covers or you bed. No matter where you will end up finding them, I predict, you are less than excited.

Part of what makes them so dangerous is that scorpions are nocturnal and thrive in darkness. At the same time their dark coloring means that, when they are outside their hiding spots, they are often very hard to detect. This can presents a considerable risk.

Always wear slippers (check them before sliding your feet in) when walking around at night to minimize chances of being stung. Using a black light and executing a search in the dark or during the new moon phase can also be a good preventative method. Your San Tan Valley pest control professional may be able to get you one or let you know where you can obtain one yourself.

By switching the black light to UV, you will see scorpions virtually glowing in the dark. This method makes them look very creepy, but also super easy to detect and eliminate. Don’t try it during a moonlit night, best are new moon phases, when the sky is black and scorpions feel safe enough to come out of their hiding spots.

If scorpion hunting in the dark is not for you, you may want to try something more hands on. You could try a ‘zapper’ that allows you to electrocute insects. This can help you to deal with scorpions and other insects in a safe way without having to get too close. Your Chandler 85286 scorpion control professional can advise you on where to get a zapper and on how much you will be spending on one. Of course, we can also assisting in figuring out how to use one.

Likewise using a scorpion glue trap it is possible to lure and trap scorpions that get into the home to keep you safe.

Varsity is your premier San Tan Valley scorpion and pest control professional. Contact us today for more information or a free home scorpion inspection.

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