Whenever one sees a yellow with black stripes insect, we tend to run the other way or grab an object to kill it. Bees are scary insects. They have big black eyes, a long and wide spiracle with a pointed stinger, six long legs, and a lengthy tongue and antennas. That is the basic anatomy of all bees. The difference will be if the bee is poisonous, color and habitat. Other than that, it seems like they love to chase and sting you. However, that only happens when they are bothered. For the most part, bees will leave you alone as long you as leave them alone. Bees may be scary insects, but they are also beautiful creatures. Believe it or not, bees come with a lot benefits. Those benefits assist the agriculture and the health of humans.

the hidden benefits of bees

Bees are hard workers. As we all know, bees pollinate. They are responsible for pollinating over 90 different fruits and vegetables. Its their job to reproduce a variety of plants. Plants can not reproduce themselves, so most are depended on the bee. There are many different bee colonies in different regions in the United States alone. Every time a bee colony migrates to a different region, it carries a bit of pollen grains with it. When a bee lands on a flower, the bee collects the pollen by electrostatic force. It pockets the pollen into their legs, and then the bee with carry it around. A bee normally focuses on one family of flowers at a time, therefore, the bee transfers pollen from one flower to the next. And, when a particular bee transfers to a different family of flowers, it will also pass on any pollen the bee has come into connect. This kind of pollen distribution is required for certain flowers. Bees pollination activity is worth billions of dollar in the US economy annually alone!

Another hidden benefit that bees provide is for the health of humans. The honey that bees produce has a lot of health benefits. Here is a list of how natural bee honey is beneficial to humans:

  1. Alleviates allergies. Ironically, when allergies are activated by pollen, honey, which is made from pollen, is a natural vaccine to control alleviated allergies.
  2. All-natural energy drink. The natural nutrients the honey has makes it an acceptable energy boost ingredient.
  3. Boosts memory. Honey has the proper antioxidants to restore short-term memory. By taking 20 grams of honey a day, you will notice the well improvement of your memory after four months.
  4. Cough suppressant. With two teaspoons of honey, the golden liquid will coat the throat and protect it from a relentless cough.
  5. Sleep aid. Even though honey is natural sugar, it’s also a neurotransmitter that enhances the mood and happiness. Going to bed in a good mood helps you sleep and improves your wake cycles.
  6. Treats dandruff. Honey contains the necessary anti-inflammatory properties that helps your hair and scalp remain healthy.
  7. Treats wounds and burns. Honey consists of antibacterial properties that is very helpful in disinfecting wounds.
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Natural bee honey holds the appropriate health properties that can substitute pharmaceutical medicine and treatments. Lizette Borrel, wrote an article for Medical Daily explaining thoroughly the seven health benefits that bee honey provides, Liquid Gold: 7 Health Benefits of Honey that could Heal Your Whole Body.

Keeping in mind that bees reproduce fruit and vegetables, plus provide us with a honey that contains healthy properties, do you still think bees are scary and should get rid of? All of our fruit and vegetables are produced in farms. Majority of farms used pesticide to get rid of pest. Farm animal pest are normally caterpillars, beetles, ants, moths and other parasites that harm crops, plus pathogens and multicellular animals. These kind of pest can do serious damage to crops that humans digest. The purpose of biological pesticide is to protect the crop from these kinds of pest. However, be careful with the kind of pesticide you are using. Review the chemicals and make sure that it does not harm the insects that are keeping your crops healthy and strong, like bees. Remember the bees carry pollen from one plant to the next. If the pollen was compromised by the pesticide, it could sabotage other plants. Also, it is a possibility that the chemicals can be embedded into the honey that bees produce. Choose the pesticide carefully, we don’t want to jeopardize the reproduction of plants and the health properties of bee honey.

bee polinating in gilbert arizona Bees might be scary insects, but they are beautiful and hardworking creatures. They are important to the reproduction of plants, especially the plants that provide food that humans consume. When considering pesticides to protect your plants from crop pest, note that biological pesticide is relatively safe to bees. If you want advice and a consultation about the pest in your garden or farm, call Varsity Termite and Pest Control, and our Glendale Pest Exterminators will be happy to help you protect your garden, and not bother the bees.

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